​The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) is for people who want to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse and then apply for a partner visa. It is a temporary visa valid for nine months. Applicant must be outside Australia to apply and when the visa is granted. Applicant can apply for the partner visa after marriage and before the Prospect Marriage visa has ended. 


The subclass 820 is a temporary visa and subclass 801 is a permanent visa. Applicant must be the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen (check with us). Both visas are applied for at the same time. Usually, the applicant is not eligible for the permanent visa until at least 2 years from the grant of the temporary visa. Applicant must be in Australia for the first stage and when the visa is decided. For the second stage applicant can be onshore or offshore.

Perry Maddocks Trollope